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Wednesday, August 22, 2012



10 Unique Halloween Treats for Trick or Treaters
S.V. Richard

Break away from traditional candy giving, and give trick or treaters something different! Whether it's something they can use in school or something to entertain them at home, there are lots of ways to supplement candy...

10. Creepy spider rings or plastic spiders
9. Small, fall themed picture puzzles (the ones with the moveable squares)
8. Coupons for free food at local restaurants
7. Miniature rulers, preferably in Halloween colors (black, orange, yellow, and purple)
6. Miniature notebooks, also preferably in Halloween colors
5. Stickers - glow in the dark or reflective stickers the kids may wear in the dark are even better!
4. Light up sticks or bracelets
3. Small bottles of bubbles
2. Individually wrapped dried fruit
1. Halloween or fall themed plastic cups

It is important that the treats are age appropriate. Think along the lines of party favors at your local shopping center. A pack of six or twelve items may only cost a couple of bucks, and it makes a great alternative to traditional candy that is passed out this time of year!

And when the trick or treating is over and the goodies are counted, top off your spooky night by curling up in the dark with a book light and this quick, suspenseful read at Wild Child Publishing.

Tristan’s old home old home is not what it appears, and her friends have no idea what this visit will turn into. When the room Tristan’s mother always kept locked is opened, chaos breaks loose. One by one, they are locked away.

Will anyone survive?

About the Author:
After obtaining a master's degree in education, Sarah became interested in writing for children and young adults. She has ten-year-old twin daughters, but the dog is more trouble than the twins combined. Free articles, reviews, comics, and more can be found at her website

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