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Monday, July 9, 2012



Teenage Romance in Books
Stephanie Campbell

While some of us have learned to grimace when we hear the name Twilight, there is no doubt that the book took the market by storm. That is the case with many YA stories based on teenage romance. Yet if you notice the readers of this genre, many of them aren't even teenagers at all.

The erotic romance market is a big one, but more often than not, it's not those titles that you see at the top of the New York Times bestsellers list. It's the YA titles. What draws us so much to those romances?

I have a theory that, despite all the mass media marketing going on regarding the sensuous state of our culture, it doesn't matter how old you are—sweet romances appeal to women. There is still a part of us, even with the latest trends, that makes us want to be led up to the doorstep and get that simple peck goodnight on the lips. It's beautiful. It's romantic. It's unobtrusive.

There is also the fact that an adult dating situation is way different than a teenagers, but maybe it shouldn't be. A teenage girl is allowed to be nervous. Heck, even goofy. The adult romances many times feature the same female protagonist—smart and attractive, yet afraid of a relationship with a man that apparently is a professional football player and looks like an excerpt from a sports magazine. I think that if a professional football player with muscle tone enough to split a shirt approached your average woman, the most she would be able to say is, "Duh, duh, duh." That is way closer to the scenario put forth in YA romances, and thus, is way more appealing.

Now, don't get me wrong. I have nothing against adult romance. In fact, I love daydreaming about the idea that a popular, sexy sports star might walk up to me and wink, but that's not realistic…Though I suppose being seduced by a sparkling vampire isn't either. Yet there is one thing I've noticed for certain. YA romances capture the essence of most true women with our sweaty palms and tongue-stuck-to-the-roof-of-our-mouths behavior. With compatibility between the reader and the protagonist like that, it is no wonder that YA romance is hitting the top of the charts with every release.

About the Author:
Stephanie Campbell is a novelist in Ogden, Utah, where she lives with her family and too many dogs. Her interests include history, traveling, classic movies, and biographies. She published her first book at seventeen and has continued to write with the goal of being a career novelist. She is the author of the novels Poachers, Dragon Night, Tasting Silver, Keeping Freedom, Late but not Never, Case Closed, Icy Tales of Draga, E is for Eternity, Specimen X, and P.S. I Killed My Mother, all of which are being published or have been published by traditional houses. Under a different pen name, Penelope Rivers, she has a love story series with six bestsellers. She has been interviewed by All Romance e-books, Hobbes End Publishing and Night Owl Reviews.

Lindy Harris is a quiet, studious high school student who’s in love with books. When she sees a note written in her favorite poetry book to “Hot Wheels”, she’s in disbelief. That’s when she realizes the book belonged to the sender—Mark Ferry, the student body president. She’s all but convinced when she finds out that he, of all people, wants to go out with her.

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