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I'm Kari Jo Spear, and I write m/m young adult fantasy and science fiction.

I live in Vermont, and I've worked for twelve years as a writing tutor in the special ed department of a small high school. I also have two daughters -- one in college and the other in high school. My days, my nights, and even my car, are usually full of teenagers. It's no surprise that kids spill over into my writing as well.

I grew up reading science fiction and fantasy -- it's what I've always loved, and so it's no mystery why I like to write it.

Why I write m/m fiction is a little more complicated. To be honest -- I'm not really sure. I wrote my first m/m story a long time ago when a straight character suddenly announced to everyone that he was gay. I was as surprised as his friends. To be honest, I was a bit upset, because he'd just created a lot of work for me. Now I would have to go back through the whole story and change this and change that to better set up his announcement. But when I went back and started to revise, I realized that all the changes I'd been going to make were already there. He'd been gay all along. I just hadn't known. And so I kept writing the story, and I realized that not only could I do this, it was kind of fun.

I think I also do it because I'm a real softy where young people are concerned. When I hear about kids who would rather kill themselves than live as who they are, it really gets to me. I wanted to do something about it, and writing is what I do. So I started writing about kids who are having science fiction and fantasy adventures, but who are also strong and gay and ultimately okay with it.

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Gareth's life is violent, frightening, and lonely. Abandoned by his parents and left to a series of harsh foster homes, he becomes as tough as the scar on his cheek. Death and destruction follow him. Sometimes, it actually seems like people are trying to kill him. By the time Gareth is in high school, friends are a luxury he can do without.

But deep inside, Gareth is tender, compassionate, and very gay. The only living soul Gareth lets into his heart is a silent young man who keeps saving his life. Every time Gareth gets a good look at his guardian, the man mysteriously vanishes. Does he even exist? Gareth isn't sure, until the day at school when his world implodes. Teachers suddenly know way more about him than they should. His secret guardian lies wounded on the darkroom floor. Before Gareth knows it, he and his guardian are on the run. Not only is Gareth more important than he ever dreamed, but the future of an entire planet depends on him. It's going to take all the courage and love Gareth has to face his destiny.

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