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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Long and Short Reviews is pleased to welcome Amy Lignor as part of her virtual book tour celebrating the release of the first book in The Angel Chronicles series, Until Next Time.

This book is very special to Amy because the premise began when she was very young.

"Being a teen, you’re already upset that, well…that you’re a teen. And with hormones raging, hating your small town and wanting to be free, I began to wonder if angels would actually lose their faith if they came down here. I mean, you only have to call up MSN once a day to see the hideous news we have going on. Would an angel be able to do their job while running face-first into the world of human emotions?" she told me. "As I aged, I began to see the love triangle, and I wanted to find that unique button that didn’t involve the torment of the ‘fallen’ who were up against the ultimate bad guy; I wanted them to be up against the ones they were defending. I wanted that romantic factor to be one that no reader could possibly guess. Would the girl choose the human or the angel? What happens if both of them were her soulmate - just in different locations? When real life comes into play things change, and I wanted to make sure to keep the audience guessing."

Amy has completed the second book of The Angel Chronicles, which will bring Emily and Matt into a time period that everybody's heard about, but not many people remember. The history and future they face this time around changes the whole game.

She also has an adventure series called Tallent & Lowery with seven books in total. Amy's currently working on book six at the moment, with the first book titled 13. She described it as "Indiana Jones meets The Da Vinci Code."

"I love research and I love history. One of my favorite things to do is to somehow connect famous places that people would never know could possibly be linked, and sending my characters on quite a thrill ride!" she said. "A bestselling author labeled the book as: 'The DaVinci Code with Heart,' which makes me very proud. It’s a whole lot of fun and links things like The Winchester Mystery House in California to the streets where Jack the Ripper roamed, to the Chalice Well and the legend of King Arthur - among other things."

Amy started writing when she was thirteen.

"What began as a joke (well, a nightmare really for a thirteen-year-old) turned into a passion I just couldn’t and didn’t want to stop. The nightmare was a family vacation where we stayed with family friends. Even my Mom and Dad had a hideous time because the cat was in charge of this house, so all of us had to go to bed at precisely 9:00 p.m. every night when the cat went
'nightsie.' No ‘prowling’ around was allowed. No T.V., no CD’s, no movies, no nothing, so that’s when I began my first book. My Life: A Comedy and a Tragedy was born on that trip and I’ve written ever since," she said with a smile.

Amy always wanted to be a writer, telling me she was never an orator but she could say whatever her teachers wanted her to say on paper. Her favorite class in school was Writing Lab, which she began in the third grade. The book and writing assignments would be given out for the whole year the first day of class, and Amy would be finished with all of them by the end of September.

"I’ve never loved anything more than picking up a pen and saying what I had to say," she said. "The only thing I ever thought of being later in life was a hired killer - but that’s only because my sister drove me nuts and there was more than a few passing days where I thought the world would be better if I was an only child." She laughed and confessed, "Thankfully, I stuck with the writing, because now I would hate this world if my sister wasn’t in it."

Amy comes from an extremely small town in Northwest Connecticut.

"I loved the local Playhouse; I worked in that old barn one summer as the House Manager and I felt like a true queen - as if I was just a step away from the Oscar red carpet," she said with a laugh. "The rest? Sorry. It was just way too small and way too cold to like anything else. Winters began in October and stayed until May some years, and I am just NOT a cold weather girl. Whatever anyone tells you about how peaceful and lovely it is to watch the snow fall outside while you’re sitting in front of a roaring fire is absolutely dishonest. In my life we had both of those things, yet you still had to go to school and work, and that involved shoveling snow at 4:00 a.m."

"Who is your favorite author?" I asked. "And why?"

"This is still the hardest question in the world, because you can go all the way back to Plato. I have to say the most intriguing to me is Poe. I really want to know what kind of a mind could come up with things like, The Masque of the Red Death and The Raven. I also have to give a ‘shout out’ to King and Koontz, as well. I’m not a writer of horror, I could never think of anything more horrific than high school, but they certainly know how to get the job done."

Speaking of Dean Koontz, the fan letter she's most giddy about actually came about in response to a fan letter she sent.

"Dean Koontz, one of my favorites, replied to a letter saying that the humor - the jokes I told in my letter - had him falling off his couch. That was cool. Knowing that I made one of the greatest writers in the world not only laugh but take the time out of his seriously busy schedule to let me know I made his day, definitely made mine."
As far as authors who have influenced her writing, she told me that J.K. Rowling did a great thing for her. Like Rowling, Amy too is a single mother with a fantastic daughter –Amy wrote books for her, and now with her.

What Rowling did was, with Harry, bring reading back to an age group that had simply stopped reading to play video games, get on Facebook and Twitter, and text.

"I’m not saying any of those things are bad, but it was like the love of books went out the window, and Rowling brought that back. She actually even united a great deal of parents with their kids when the adult world fell just as deeply in love with Harry as the teen world did. And she never gave up; she opened her imagination and just let it soar, and no matter who told her it was never going to “fly,” she kept going. I’m sure all the naysayers look at Harry’s very own theme park now and wish they’d not sent that form rejection letter so quickly," she said with a laugh.
Finally, I asked, "Have you ever eaten a crayon?"

"No. But now that I’ve been asked this I really want to."

About the Author:
As the daughter of a career librarian I grew up loving books; ‘Patience & Fortitude’ at the NYPL were my heroes. Beginning with my first book of historical romance which was titled, The Heart of a Legend, and moving into the action/adventure world with a series called, Tallent & Lowery, I have been very lucky.

Working as an editor in the publishing industry for decades, I am now the Owner/Operator of The Write Companion which offers all services to authors who are trying to get their work seen. I am a contributor to Suspense Magazineand various other literary publications such as The RT (Romantic Times). I am a reviewer for periodicals and websites including: Authorlink, The Feathered Quill, The Romantic Times (RT) Magazine,, Random House YA and Once Upon a Romance. I am a contributor for Ruby For Women, and many of my writings have touched people’s hearts, which makes me extremely proud.

Find the author online at:

How does a girl choose between the one who steals her heart and the one who owns her soul?

Matt and Emily were created for a specific job. Raised and trained as the ultimate angel/warrior team, they are sent down to save, defend, judge and forgive, depending on the 'life' they've been assigned. What they don't realize is that the power of human emotions, such as love, anger, passion and fear can take over even the best of souls, causing them to make mistakes and follow paths that lead to confusion and heartache.

When the reason for their training is finally revealed, the angel/warrior team find themselves thrust into a world they know nothing about. Matt takes over the life of Daniel, a young man with a great deal of baggage. Emily becomes Liz, a girl living in a remote village who relies on nothing more than her own strength to survive. A violent storm erupts one night, and framed in the window of Liz’s establishment is a frightening face. Let in by the soul of a Good Samaritan, the two visitors bring with them a past full of secrets that could literally change an angel's path and a warrior's plans.

From murder to redemption, this angel/warrior team must find a way to keep the faith they have in each other in a world that's ripping them apart.

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  1. Judy, thanks for chatting with Amy today. I agree, the most enjoyable love triangles to read are the ones that keep you guessing.