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Monday, August 30, 2010

Spotlight On: Shannon Rouchelle

Shannon Rouchelle was nominated in 2009 for the Dream Realm Awards for Alien's Revenge, best young adult.

Shannon lives on the Saskatchewan prairies with her husband Jerry and two sons, Matthew and Michael.

Her newest book, Quest for the Magic Stones, book one in her newest teen series, Leslie Burrows, was released last month by Devine Destinies.

Leslie Burrows, a young woman impoverished and living in a small cottage with her mother, is delighted when she attends her first royal ball and meets Prince Peter, the man of her dreams.

But the prince has a nasty secret and desperately needs her help. Leslie must complete a quest and defeat a wicked sorcerer to break the spell bestowed upon her beloved. She decides to risk her life and face the dangers that linger in the Spirited Forest.

Can love conquer all, or will evil prevail?

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